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Postpartum & Motherhood Support Groups

What to Expect?
SUPPORT! Genuine and Authentic Support from other moms and me, a licensed therapist and mother of three. Becoming a new mom, can bring whirlwinds of emotions: fear, fatigue, joy, and overwhelm, to name a few. Whether it's your first born or your third, a new baby brings about a new mom, each time. 
Taking the time to attend and better understand your emotions and needs will aid you in becoming more of the mother you long to be. "Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Women everywhere must declare it so," said by the Great Oprah Winfrey.  

Although we may have different stories and circumstances there are common threads, feelings, and fears that many mothers share. You will obtain a level of normalization and validation just by hearing other stories, all in a confidential and safe setting. Coping skills and feeling management will be taught and learned, so you can become more of the mommy you desire to be.

Postpartum Group for Mothers 
For Mothers of children ages 0-18 months.

Although this group is designed to help treat and improve symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety and Depression, the benefits of this group can be for all new mothers. This is a time of transition and change, having a community of support with like minded woman is empowerment, and what mother could not benefit from that. 

8 week program
tele-health connection, convenient for the new Mom. 
Space is limited. 

Mothers Support Group, 
For Mommies of children with Special Needs 

This is a support group for mothers that have a child or children with special needs at home. This unique motherhood journey can be hard and isolating at times. Joining this community as needed to help you manage your inner emotional world, will not only bring you support, but may also gift you the opportunity to become a support to another. Life is better when we do it together. 

4 week program
tele-health connection, convenient for the busy Mom. 
Space is limited. 

Mother with her Child
Mother and Son
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