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About Me

My career path has been driven by a dedication to learn and understand what truly helps people grow and thrive. Integrity, respect, and compassion are a few of my core values, and I bring these values to my practice daily. From humble beginnings, I learned firsthand that hard work, determination, compassion and  belief for oneself are crucial to growth and progress.   I seek to understand and learn the role that culture has in the life, beliefs, and relationships of each client. ​


I see the framework of counseling as fundamental to life. Management of one's mind and soul is the key to living a fulfilled life. I engage in ongoing professional training and enjoy reading and learning about new advances made by leading professionals in the field of psychology and mental health. I recently completed EMDR basic training and am eagerly implementing this into my practice as appropriate. I am Perinatal Mental Health Certified, able to treat and work with Mothers and Partners in this time of anticipation and change. 


​I have an eclectic approach tailored to meet the therapeutic needs and goals of the client.  

*Hablo Español

How I help?

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  To say this career path is my passion is an understatement. I have dedicated over 15 years, learning, researching, and working within various clinical settings to learn how to help people overcome their stuck points, emotional traumas, or present day life challenges. I specialize in treating postpartum depression, anxiety, relational problems, and trauma-related disorders. People grow and heal in different ways and at different paces. A motivating factor toward starting my own practice was the increased desire to provide quality and collaborative therapy that adjusts to the client’s needs (and not the other way around).  

With a caring and non-judgmental stance I meet people and families where they’re at, and together help them heal, grow, transform, and obtain the qualities, relationships, and peace of mind we all seek. 

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